Corporate Responsibility

At Tarmal Steel, we conduct in ethical business practices and have a solid corporate responsibility strategy, which is implemented through regular engagement with our stakeholders. Great importance is given to: the Health and Safety of our workers, creation of employment, environmental awareness, supporting the society and economy and to build trust with the local communities.

Health and Safety

Our employee’s Health and Safety is a priority and advance safety monitoring systems have been put to practice to create a work place that drives towards achieving zero accidents and health hazards.

We ensure employees at all levels are well trained and aware of the safety measures in their respective sites, risk mitigation techniques are continuously implemented and Health and Safety audits are produced; allowing us to make a steady progress towards achieving the goal.

Employment Creation

This will be an added factor with the expansion of our manufacturing units and service. It is estimated that some additional 600 workers, qualified and semi qualified, will enter the service of the company in the near future; therefore, it is a worthwhile investment from a humanitarian point of view and augments to the Government’s call of creating more jobs for Kenyans.

Environmental Awareness

We are committed to constantly improve and practice our environmental measures that lead to sustainable development. The company’s investment in the new plant and associated equipment takes into account environmental factors such as pollution control and environmental degradation factors. Modern technological pollution control systems for the furnace and reheating furnace have been installed. Plans for Rainwater harvesting technology are ready and will be installed in the near future, not to mention tree planting and landscaping measures which are already under progress, and envisaged to be completed by the end of this year.

Contribution to the Society

Tarmal Steel fully supports the growth and well being of the local community through various ways.

A Mega Medical Camp for: eyes, dental, ENT, diabetes, breast cancer awareness and tree planting was sponsored by Tarmal Steel in conjunction with Lions Club of Mombasa Island, Mombasa Eye Hospital and Laser Centre (Nyali). It took place at Kaderbhoy Clinic, Makadara Ground on 8th and 9th of October, 2011.

The event was a success and 1806 patients were screened and 108 trees were planted.

EYES: 72 patients were diagnosed for cataract and were operated at the Mombasa Eye Hospital & Laser Centre. Medicine was dispensed to 171 patients and 338 reading glasses were given out.

DENTAL: 397 patients were screened and 98 extractions were done. 42 patients were given medicines.

ENT: 292 patients were screened. 2 hearing aids were given out and 48 patients were given medicines.

DIABETES: 264 patients were screened - 40 patients were diagnosed with diabetes and were referred to physicians.

BREAST CANCER: 39 patients were screened - 5 patients were referred for further diagnoses.